Watch Bandido 1956 Movie for Free.

Watch Bandido Movie 4 Free.

Genre: Action,Western

Runtime: 92 min

Year: 1956

Ratings: 6.1

Country: USA,Mexico

Gilbert Roland—Robert Mitchum—Ursula Thiess

American arms dealer Kennedy hopes to make a killing by selling to the "regulares" in the 1916 Mexican revolution. American mercenary Wilson favors the rebel faction headed by Escobar, and they plot to hijack Kennedy's arms; but Wilson also has his eye on Kennedy's wife. Raids, counter-raids, and escapes follow in a veritable hail of bullets.

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  1. admin Post author

    I saw this movie for two reasons – Robert Mitchum and Zachary Scott. Now, for those who love classic Hollywood movies, there’s really no reason to explain in detail my reason to watch a movie Mitchum – after all, it’s Robert Mitchum bitch – a wonderful actor who does everything (same shit) quite watchable. As for Zachary Scott, while it is far from a household name, I liked how it could be sticky – and when I read that playing a guy who sells weapons’ s enrich Mexican civil war of 1910, which resembled a role perfectly suited for him. Unfortunately, the two actors were quite soft here – especially Scott. And to top it all, the writing was very sad. The film begins with
    Scott has concluded an agreement with the Federales (Mexican government troops). His wife (Ursula Thiess) obviously do not like it and it seems that the waiting time with him. Robert Mitchum, another American, wanders in – apparently to explore the situation. Soon, leaves and goes right into a battle between the Federales near and revolutionaries. However, this part of the film is very, very stupid. Mitchum seeing random walk in the city with thousands of bullets flying was really stupid. How could he avoid the bullets! I think Mitchum had to wear underwear repellent barrier. In a fit of boredom (or maybe it was because he pissed his bottle of alcohol), Mitchum decides to stop fighting just watching from the balcony and throw a couple of grenades – winning his revolutionary leader (Gilbert Roland).
    A little ‘later, Mitchum and Roland hit on a plan to kidnap Scott and his little’ stuffy Wiener Schnitzel (Thiess). At this point, you might think that the movie would improve after the scene where Mitchum is stupid walking into a war zone, but in fact ends with the film is completely broken for me. Mitchum is supposed to be a self-centered mercenary …. but flows immediately to save the wife of Scott was killed. It made no sense, or that the decision not to shoot Roland Mitchum in the face to do it (in direct opposition to his orders). And the last part of the film was almost all actions and by then I was ready for the next movie! Moreover, while Ms. Thiess is not a household name and some American movie, this look German actress he met and married Robert Taylor – and remained married until his death in 1960.

  2. admin Post author

    How can this film be noisy and I have always been put to sleep? It is the writing, which believe me or
    An adventurer with a seeming endless amount of money would risk his life to give tons of weapons and ammunition `revolution ‘? o That the rebels roll off and leave behind light machine guns and artillery? o What Robert Mitchum, a prisoner about to be shot, could hide two hand grenades in his jacket? o What Ursula Theiss, taken hostage by the rebels experts would be allowed to keep a gun in her purse?
    Ursula Theiss (Mrs. Robert Taylor) is pretty, but her love scenes with Mitchum lack spark. Much better is the interaction between Mitchum and Gilbert Roland, and his scenes with Scott and Zachery José Torvay (Gonzalez). In fact, the scenes of Mitchum with almost everyone, but Theiss are better than her with her. Not very clever plot devices when the hinge on the relationship Mitchum / Theiss.
    Dull, boring, boring, and LOUD!

  3. admin Post author

    There is something fabulous to watch a “B” westerns that has never really made the headlines or money, and watching two great actors Robert Mitchum and Gilbert Roland. The story is standard, but you mean landscape two Hollywood stars do what they do best. Very few of today’s “stars” has the personality and magnetism of Robert Mitchum and it is always a pleasure to see the screen.I watch these movies just to see these people jump out at you from the screen, and find very little satisfaction to watch a lot of movies today, “without direction, writing, and power.One star can not bear special effects for a short period of time, this film is a return to origins, enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours and forget the problems of the modern world.

  4. admin Post author

    I was very happy to find this little movie on YouTube in full, because I wanted to see for some time. Robert Mitchum gives an excellent performance as an adventurer armed grenade Wilson and the action is satisfactory. The action takes the form of a battle in a city near the beginning of the film that makes good use of rifles, pistols and guns and grenades Gattling Wilson flutter windows in the town square and out a dozen guards. There is also another scene in which Wilson and some other characters escape from prison and make their way through the jungle, which is quite unusual for a Westerner. The film ends with a shot just as Wilson uses a gun Gattling up several enemy soldiers. An excellent little movie, but a dialogue bit ‘too. The scenery is beautiful and the film is beautifully photographed shots of lush green jungle, rugged mountains and a beach will live long in your memory. I really want to see this gem on DVD or on TV soon.

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